Why 27 Million?

Hello everyone. You are probably wondering, what is this page and who the heck is writing this? Well, my name is Tyler Young and I am a current senior Computer Science Major at James Madison University. Most of you probably already know that because you are reading this as a result of knowing me and clicked on a link that I posted on Facebook. The rest of you, I have no idea who you are, but I’m still glad you are here. Anyways, I didn’t start this page to talk about myself, but instead I started this blog to bring awareness and advocate for something I find to be extremely important and that is the need to fight human trafficking.

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, “human trafficking… like slavery? Didn’t that stop with Abraham Lincoln?” Sadly, I have to say that slavery didn’t stop with the American Civil War, and in fact we have more slaves today in the world than any other time period in human history. There are estimated 27 million slaves in the world. Take that in for a second. 27 million slaves…. And that number isn’t even an exact number because its nearly impossible to tell how many people are in slavery as those people often have no voice in the world. So 27 million is just an educated guess, it could (and probably is) even worse. To put into perspective 27,000,000 slaves, lets assume that each slave is equivalent to an hour of work (another name for a slave is a forced laborer). If you were to work for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week (40 hours a week), it would take you a little over 3082 years to work 27 million hours.  Just think about that… 3082 years of work…. 27 million people in slavery still around the world. That is just unfathomable.

So the reason I am writing this blog (and I will be keeping up with it hopefully a few times a week) is to talk about all the issues and solutions in regards to human trafficking. I will be talking about current legislation (both the good and the bad), the links between prostitution and the porn industry (yes sex slaves do exist), how our every day lives actually feed this terrible culture, the tie between technology and human trafficking, ways to detect trafficking, people who are more vulnerable to be trafficked, and much more. This isn’t going to be the most exciting and entertaining blog, but it will be real and true. I encourage all of you to read this blog in such a way that you are willing to take a stand and do something. I’m not writing this just to speak. I’m writing in order that something may happen. I desire to see that 27 million to get down to zero and I hope you do too.


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