Current Event: Closing the Loop

Many of you may have already seen this, but some exciting things have happened in the world of human trafficking. Whether you agree with the work of President Obama or not, he has done something amazing for the world of human trafficking. About a week ago, he helped to close a loophole in a tariff law that will ban all products made by slave labor from coming into the US. The loophole originated in the U.S. Tarriff Act of 1930 that permitted these goods to enter into the country. The law will impact a broad spectrum of goods, including gold, technology, clothes, fireworks, construction supplies, and more. If the United States stands strong in it’s legislation, this could have rippling affects through the entire world. This is a market changer and a world changer. As the demand for these goods will be brought down tremendously, the slave labor needed to make the supplies will also dwindle.