Modern Day Strategies

Being that modern day slavery is a huge issue, there are a lot of organizations that have been actively seeking to fight human trafficking. Most organizations have developed their own “strategy” for the fight against human trafficking. I want to go through some of the most well known and effective strategies so far. These 3 strategies come from Polaris Project, Not For Sale, and IJM:

Polaris Project Model/Strategy:

Polaris is Leading the fight to eradicate modern-day slavery with a 3-part model that systemically disrupts human trafficking:

  1. Respond to victims of human trafficking effectively and immediately.
  2. Equip key stakeholders and communities to address and prevent human trafficking
  3. Disrupt the business of human trafficking through targeted campaigns.

IJM Model/Strategy:

  1. Rescue victims: IJM helps victims move through their broken justice system in 4 ways:
    1. rescue: working with local police to rescue victims from ongoing violence
    2. restore: working with social workers to restore the survivors to their community
    3. restrain: working with local police to restrain criminals
    4. represent: working with public prosecution to represent survivors in court
  2. Repair systems: Once IJM identifies problems, they partner with authorities within the justice system to fix what is broken. They address resources, training, accountability, and hope. This helps protect the poor and prevents violence from happening int he first place

Not For Sale Model/Strategy:

  1. Provide safety and stability for survivors and at-risk communities. This is done through shelters, healthcare, legal services, and meeting the needs of those experiencing extreme trauma
  2. Empower with life skills & job training. Education is the most critical aspect of empowering survivors.
  3. Create sustainable futures with dignified work. To break the cycle of poverty and exploitation, they work with leading companies and organizations to create employment opportunities for survivors and at-risk communities.


These are the most common and effective strategies for work being done by organizations today. Obviously each organization is doing something completely different, but they are all needed. Where Polaris is actively using the legal system to fight human trafficking, IJM is trying to restore the justice system. Meanwhile Not For Sale is working to help restore victims. All of the work of all of these organizations is extremely purposeful. I encourage you all as my readers to look further into each of these organizations and see what work you can partner in.


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